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Event Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important components of mood, ambiance, scenic elements, filming, and productions.

The role lighting can play in a corporate event cannot be underestimated. When something as simple as adjusting the house lights can have a positive impact; a lighting plan specifically designed for an event can have a dramatic effect.

Most corporate events benefit from a stage wash. Velocity has the knowledge to ensure any stage wash is properly balanced with lighting emphasis on appropriate areas.

When an event is being video recorded, lighting is critical for a quality capture. Our expertise enables us to integrate three-point lighting and various backgrounds to enhance any recording.

Lighting plays a major role in award ceremonies, celebrations, and corporate parties. We often incorporate spotlights, intelligent moving lights, branding, and other elements to create the proper atmosphere.

Our Airstar Balloon Lights look awesome and can help light up most outdoor event areas with a nice soft glow.

Concert / Festival Lighting

Velocity has years of experience with lighting stages for concerts and festivals. We carry an inventory of over 170 moving head lights and hundreds of LED fixtures and we enhance these light designs with hazers, lasers, CO2 canons and creative lighting design. Dynamic lighting design can make a good concert AWESOME!

Decorative Lighting

Incorporating scenic elements into an event brings the lighting requirements to a whole new level. Our in-house lighting designers and production department have the experience and creativity to illuminate any scenic design. The use of LED Up lights can dramatically enhance the look and feel of any event space. String Lights can also offer a soft warm elegance to any outdoor event and create just the right mood.

Our Equipment

Velocity carries a full line of conventional, moving and LED lights to fit your specific needs. We carry ETC, Martin, Elation and Color Kinetics lighting instruments to ensure solid performance and a great looking event. Let Velocity design a lighting look for your next event.

Velocity also carries spotlights, area flood lights, String Lights, Food Station & Décor Lights and can supply standard and custom gobos